SideshowDoug Allen is a comedy writer, novelist, producer and neologist, residing in Burbank, California. He earned his BS in Film Production from Montana State University, a certificate from the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting, and is a graduate of The Second City Training Center’s Conservatory Program in Improvisation.

SideshowDoug has performed standup, sketch comedy and improv in many theaters and comedy clubs across Southern California. He has written short films, several pilots, and is the is the "go-to guy" for gag writing and script punch-ups for fellow writers.

Realizing the potential of the internet, SideshowDoug's "Heinekenesis" commercial was a key component to driving traffic to his "Fake Word Of the Day" blog at He was a contributing gag writer for the documentary-gone-awry, "Star Wars Made Me This Way" and he is currently writing the animated web series “Online Underground” for the gaming site

Doug enjoys big band music and swing dancing, which is how he met his wife. Melissa, who grew up in Vegas and admits to having no idea what to do with snow, only accompanies Doug to Montana during the summer months, when it’s less likely, but still possible to get caught in a blizzard.