California Proposition 10

“Alternative Fuel Vehicles and renewable Energy. Bonds Initiative Statute”

I've read extensively on Proposition 10 and the goals are not even remotely good. This one makes me angry. I place it into the greedy, self interest, large corporation lobbyist, BS category that is one of the major problems we face in this country.

The initiative sets a low bar for “clean alternative vehicles,” which it says must produce “no net material increase in air pollution” relative to gasoline or diesel.
I don't believe in the "Well, at least it's not any worse than what we currently have" approach -- we have to do better. Much better. And it needs to be in the best interest of the California residents and the environment, not some billionaire from Texas (a state that I totally hate to the Nth degree, but I won’t tangent on that).

Vehicles that meet this standard would do little, if anything, to reduce air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions.

Rebates can go to dealers and others who could take the rebate and send the vehicles out of California. We could see a lot of poaching.

T Boone Pickens Clean Energy Fuel Corp spent 3 mil to put this proposition on the ballot and he stands to make a fortune if it passes.

Prop 10 will increase the demand for natural gas & residential utility bills will soar.

Prop 10 subsidizes natural gas vehicles and will undercut other clean vehicles like plug in hybrids and electric.

This does not get us off fossil fuels, it just shifts the focus from one fossil fuel to another. Even if it turned out to be cheaper, it just delays the inevitable -- fossil fuels are a limited resource. As they become more scarce, prices will soar, and we’ll see similar windfall profits just like todays gas companies.

This appears to be a ginormous sham, and T Boone Pickens is positioning himself to give California a reacharound. California citizens need to step in and c-block this greedy bastard.

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