California Proposition 7

“Renewable Energy Generation. Initiative Statute”

I've read extensively on Prop 7 and while the goals are good, the method of achieving them is not. Being one who eagerly, anxiously and impatiently wants to see faster change towards renewable energy, this proposition isn’t going to do it, nor is it even a baby step in the right direction.

The proposition needs to be defeated, although I’d like to see a defeat by a margin of 5 - 10%, to show that California voters want greater energy independence. The message should be “THE RIGHT RENEWABLE ENERGY POLICIES WILL PASS.”

A few key points and some links so you can read further and possibly even obsess over it like I do:

Prop 7 excludes power from renewable plants that are smaller than 30 megawats. 60% of contracts under California's renewable requirements are from small providers.

Solar power is being led by businesses and homeowners who are installing solar arrays on their rooftops and selling energy back to the utilities. SoCal Edison and other utilities are leasing roofspace from corporations for large installations (still less than 30 megawats). The utilities would be discouraged from this if doesn't count towards their renewable power goals.

Proposition 7 is a poorly written measure that locks the flaws into law and only allows changes by 2/3 vote of the legislature.

Prop 7 reduces penalties for utilities that do not meet the renewable energy targets. That’s a clear step backwards. We should not make the penalties cheaper for utilities that do not comply.

A staggering number of companies that would benefit from renewable power are opposing Prop 7.

The CA Democratic Party, CA Republican Party, CA Green Party, and a handfull of other third parties are all against this proposition. How often do all the parties agree on anything? That says something.

Here are the links:

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And if you really want to read, this is the mac-daddy of them all: