California Propositions

Because of my involvement in the green movement and alternative fuels, I’ve been asked by a growing number of people for info on California Propositions 1a, 7 & 10. I have included some info on each of the props along with my conclusions & opinions, as well as links to resources.

And I’m including prop 2 on this list because it’s important to me.

Proposition 1a
Safe, reliable high-speed passenger train bond act

Proposition 2
Standards for confining farm animals.

Proposition 7
Renewable energy generation

Proposition 10
Alternative fuel vehicles and renewable energy.

California Proposition 2

Standards for Confining Farm Animals. Initiative Statute.

This requires more humane treatment of animals in factory farms.

Please support this bill and vote YES!

It’s hard to argue that animals should be abused, yet the conditions and treatment of animals in factory farms has become horrific, due to years of cutting corners, reducing costs, and producing more animals in a smaller amount of space.

Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Austria have banned battery cages for egg-laying hens, and the entire European Union is phasing out battery cages by 2012.

Yes On Prop 2

Here is a site with a great documentary on factory farming practices: Earthlings.