Water Conservation

Greywater / Graywater (take your pick)

Greener Ideal
Post on greywater and rainwater catchment.

Gray Water Recycling Systems
A company based in Redondo Beach, CA

If you’ve heard of the Greywater Guerrillas, this is their new site & name.

Basics about how greywater systems work.

Rainwater Tanks


Fixing The Planet.com
Ed Begley’s site with forums to discuss green topics.

Reclaim bathroom sink water & divert it to the toilet.

Be Water Wise.com
Online & in person courses on gardening & landscaping topics.

Harvesting Rainwater.com
Great source of information on collecting & using rainwater for irrigation.

LA Times Article, July 6, 2009
California may adopt more lenient gray water code in August

Oasis Design.net
This links directly to info on California Graywater.
The Graywater Policy page has info on graywater policy in Connecticut, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, NY, Mass, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Vermont, Australia & Jordan.